Linux is our labour of love.

Starting with build 114220 we have upgraded our Ubuntu based toolchain to gcc-9 with LTO which is available in the default repositories or backports of most distributions.

gcc-9 is available for all Ubuntu releases back to Ubuntu 12 Precise and derivatives via

gcc-9 for Debian 10 buster can be pulled from Debian 11 Bullseye.

Local servers will see performance improvements from the move to gcc-9 with LTO and c++17.

Generic troubleshooting:


Linux Dependencies

The only supported distro is Ubuntu latest.

  • libstdc++6 >= gcc-9.3 GLIBCXX_3.4.28 (native)
  • libcurl4-gnutls (native on non Ubuntu / Debian)
  • libsdl2 (provided by steam)
  • libgl1 (provided by steam)
  • libudev0 (provided by steam)
  • libuuid (provided by steam)
  • libgconf (provided by steam)

There are some known issues for Linux distributions not based on Ubuntu / Debian.

As a last resort if packages are not available for libudev0 or libcurl4-gnutls you might be able to use a hacky symlink (not recommended).

Steam Linux Client Beta and Scout vs Soldier Steam Linux Runtime

The current Steam Linux Client only supports the original Scout Steam Linux Runtime which is based on Ubuntu 12 Precise from 2012 with 32 bit support then hacked / patched to 64 bit and somewhat modern packages while trying to allow for native libraries like graphics drivers. eg there is no modern compiler support with only an old version of gcc-5.4.1 pre C++11 ABI changes. ie no full c++11 or c++17 support.

The Steam Linux Client Beta now partially supports a long awaited new Soldier Steam Linux Runtime based on Debian 10 with modern packages that falls back to Scout.

There is currently no officially supported way to target Solider and we hope this eventually releases based on Debian 11 with full gcc-9 / LTO / c++17 support.

Stops on launch splash

Downloads are stalled due to missing certs on some non Debian / Ubuntu distributions like Fedora or NixOS.

Use the OpenSSL SSL_CERT_FILE environment variable when launching PA from a shell script:


For steam command line arguments use:

SSL_CERT_FILE=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt %command%

Black screen or fails to start

Check your logs for missing dependencies:

  • libcurl4-gnutls
  • libstdc++6 from gcc-9 or newer

Some non Ubuntu / Debian distributions provide a libcurl-compat package for compatibility with libcurl-gnutls from Ubuntu based builds.

You can also manually launch PA from the command line to check for missing dependencies.

Note: if video acceleration fails the intro video may play as a black screen (press ESC or space to skip).

Mesa Coherent UI Panel Corruption

The following added to /etc/drirc or ~/.drirc in the <device driver="radeonsi"> section may help:

<application name="CoherentUI_Host"executable="CoherentUI_Host">
    <option name="radeonsi_zerovram" value="true" />

Toggling full screen may clear issues (alt + enter).

Linux Planetary Annihilation Data Directory

The default location is in your home directory:

  • ~/.local/Uber Entertainment/Planetary Annihilation/
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