Galactic War Difficulty and Adding More Maps


Galactic War. Galactic War never changes. Except for when it does! Galactic War is a roguelite campaign for Planetary Annihilation, starting with only a small amount of tech, you battle your away across the galaxy to uncover more, fighting increasingly tough and numerous opponents until you defeat the three enemy factions. Defeat bosses in certain systems and you’ll unlock new starting loadouts which you can use in new campaigns.

This guide will help you pick the right difficulty, explain the factions and unlocks, and also guide you through adding more maps.


The higher you set the AI difficulty the greater its eco modifier, economy handling and general intelligence will be. Normal uses a different set of maps from the other difficulty levels, with far less multi-planet systems.

Threat assessmentsTerribleBadBestBest
Factory build delayExtremeSomeNoneNone
Expansion delayExtremeSomeNoneNone
Avoids eco floatNoYesYesYes
Commander retreatsNoNoYesYes
Difficulty ramp*0.0050.010.010.02
Targets weakest CommanderNoNoYesYes
T2 delayYesNoNoNo
More commandersNoUnlikelyPossiblyLikely
Base eco modifier0.

*The increase applied to the AI’s base eco modifier for each planet you travel from the starting point

System Size

SizeNumber of Planets


By choosing a colour in the lobby you are choosing a faction. The faction you select will not appear in your war. The only difference between the factions are their boss systems, so choose a faction whose boss you wish to avoid.


Your starting loadout determines what units you have access to from the start of the war. You start with one loadout unlocked: the Vehicle Commander. Seven loadouts remain locked. You will unlock them by defeating particular faction bosses.

Each faction has multiple possible bosses. At the start of a war one boss is selected for each faction. You may not always encounter a boss tied to a locked loadout.

Adding More Maps

Once you’ve played a lot of Galactic War you will have seen all the built-in systems more than once. You might fancy a change, have particular systems you’d like to see, or just want more multi-planet than you get out-of-the-box. To achieve this we will use Shared Systems for Galactic War, a mod which lets you load in TITANS systems, your systems, and systems out of any map pack you lay your hands on.


Go into Community Mods from the main menu. Click the Available tab and search for “gw”. Select Shared Systems for Galactic War and choose to install it.

Using the Mod

When you go into Galactic War you’ll notice something different.

Galactic War with Shared Systems for Galactic War mod installed

In bottom left you now choose what systems to load into Galactic War. By default it has selected the Uber category, which are the 26 skirmish and multiplayer systems that ship with TITANS. Below that is My Systems, which would load any systems you have created or imported. Default Systems and onwards are categories on the Shared Systems server. These are areas which anyone can upload to (default systems) or are restricted to specific individuals (everything else). I recommend against using these categories for two reasons:

  1. Many of the systems are old and out-of-date
  2. The Shared Systems server is often offline, or when online is slow to load the systems
Loading systems from the cloud

In the screenshot above we see a 0 next to Default Systems and the go to war button is greyed out. This is because the systems from Default Systems have not completed loading. Given the count of 0 I would assume the server is offline, but even if it were online you wouldn’t be able to play until hundreds of random systems had been loaded.

So how do we add more systems? Simple. Map packs.

Adding Map Packs

Return to Community Mods on the main menu and this time search for “map”. Select the ones you want and click install for each.

Installing map packs from Community Mods

Checking the Contents

If you haven’t used these map packs before you might want to check out what you just installed. The easiest way to do this is to go into the System Editor from the main menu.

Viewing installed systems

Each map pack consists of one or more categories which are displayed as tabs. In addition you will see My Systems, which are ones you’ve created or imported, and Uber, which are the systems that come with the game. Shared should be ignored.

If you want to get an idea of what you’ve added just browse through the select here and click on a system to get an overview. You’ll be able to see number of planets, number of starting locations, planet size, etc. You can always load them in the editor if you want to go in-depth, but this overview should give you an idea of which categories you want to add into your war.

Adding Your Maps to Galactic War

Now everything is loaded all you have to do is pick which ones to use. On the Galactic War screen you’ll see that it’s not a list of map packs, rather it’s a list of the categories you saw in System Editor.

Loading map packs in Galactic War

Each category displays a system count, in addition once you select a category the number of multi-planet systems in that category will appear in brackets.

You are free to mix and match the system categories as you wish to get whatever Galactic War experience you want. The important thing is that you should now have a wide variety of exciting systems to play on.

Queller AI Mod for Multiplayer and AI Skirmish


This guide will walk you through the installation, configuration and use of the Queller AI mod. This mod is a total overhaul of the AI. It covers a wider range of difficulties than TITANS, from easier to harder (Casual to Uber), all of which play in a more humanlike fashion than their TITANS counterparts. It features complete support for the Legion Expansion.

Queller AI uses the AI Compatibility Framework to allow you to play it alongside the TITANS AI. Want a mix of TITANS and Queller in one game? You can do that.

Once installed, Queller AI will work in any game you host. Other players do not need the mod installed.

The Queller AI has no effect on Galactic War.

Why the Queller AI?

There are a number of reasons why you might be looking to upgrade the TITANS AI:

  • You can beat the AI on absurd
  • You can’t beat the AI on a single planet, but on multi-planet systems it’s too weak for you
  • The difficulty jump from Normal to Hard is too big
  • You want something that plays a bit more like online human players would

The Queller AI is designed to resolve all of these issues, be it giving you a larger challenge, smoothing out the difficulty curve, invading more often on multi-planet maps, or just using the units a human would at that skill level.

The Queller AI will be useful to you no matter your level of skill.


The Queller AI is available to install through the game’s built in Community Mods manager for anyone who has Planetary Annihilation: TITANS. It is not available for classic owing to differing units and balance. You will need to enable Community Mods.

Choosing a Difficulty

You should download and install this mod via the Planetary Annihilation TITANS in-game Community Mods.


Queller AI Casual difficulty
  • Economy first opening
  • One army
  • Techs as soon as possible
  • Goes orbital as soon as possible
  • Turtles
  • Poor troop selection
  • Barely scouts
  • Doesn’t react to what the enemy is doing
  • Loves fabbers
  • Loves static defence/offence
  • Poor use of fabbers
  • Poor economy handling
  • No micro
  • Terrible threat assessments


Queller AI Bronze difficulty
  • Factory first opening
  • One army
  • Techs as soon as possible
  • Will go orbital if it can
  • Expands slowly
  • Poor troop selection
  • Barely scouts
  • Doesn’t react to what the enemy is doing
  • Loves fabbers
  • Loves static defence/offence
  • Poor use of fabbers
  • Average economy handling
  • No micro
  • Terrible threat assessments


Queller AI Silver difficulty
  • Factory first opening
  • Few armies
  • Will tech if it can
  • Will go orbital if it can
  • Expands slowly
  • Poor troop selection
  • Barely scouts
  • Doesn’t react to what the enemy is doing
  • Likes fabbers
  • Likes static defence/offence
  • Average economy handling
  • Average micro
  • Poor threat assessments


Queller AI Gold difficulty
  • Smart factory first opening
  • Many armies
  • Will tech if it can
  • Will go orbital if it can
  • Expands OK
  • OK troop selection
  • OK scouting
  • Some reaction to opponent’s play
  • Dislikes fabbers
  • Appropriate use of static defence/offence
  • Average economy handling
  • Average micro
  • OK threat assessments


Queller AI Platinum difficulty
  • Smart factory first opening
  • Unlimited armies
  • Techs quickly
  • Goes orbital smartly
  • Expands quickly
  • Good troop selection
  • Good scouting
  • Smartly reacts to opponent’s play
  • Good fabber to troop balance
  • Appropriate use of static defence/offence
  • Good economy handling
  • Best micro
  • Great threat assessments


Queller AI Uber difficulty
  • Smart factory first opening
  • Unlimited armies
  • Techs quickly
  • Goes orbital smartly
  • Expands quickly
  • Good troop selection
  • Good scouting
  • Smartly reacts to opponent’s play
  • Good fabber to troop balance
  • Appropriate use of static defence/offence
  • Good economy handling
  • Best micro
  • Great threat assessments


By default, Queller AI at Uber level will adapt its play to try and suit the system and the opposition it faces. You can use subpersonalities to customise Queller’s game to your liking, or help it play better where it’s making poor strategy choices.


  • More willing to engage in battle


  • Unrestricted air usage


  • Doesn’t build vehicle factories

Free For All

  • More cautious about engaging in battle
  • Will get T2 as soon as it can afford it
  • Orbital earlier


  • Attempts to build a naval factory first
  • Unrestricted naval usage


  • Large number of small platoons in the same way as vanilla AI
  • Relies more heavily on the neural net


  • Techs late


  • Doesn’t build bot factories

Suggested Difficulty

Below are recommendations for the difficulty you may wish to start on based on what you set the TITANS AI to, or your ladder ranking.

When you need to increase the challenge but don’t want to increase the difficulty, give the AI an eco boost rather than adding more AIs. Not only will this be better for the sim, it’ll stop the problem of there being less resources to go around for the AI which in turn makes it easier to beat.

Modifying the eco rate


The spawn the AI starts in and the profile used can make a big difference, even for symmetrical 1v1s. If you find the AI too easy on a map, try a different spawn point for it. And don’t use Bedlam, the AI’s forces struggle to pathfind on this map.

Be sure to follow the recommended number of players for any map. Remember that the number of players actually relates to the number of armies.


Please help translate Queller AI to your local language.

Thanks To

  • Sorian of Planetary Annihilation Inc for:
    • making his AI moddable
    • answering my questions
    • taking on suggestions
    • fixing bugs as they come up
    • adding cool new features which make the AI increasingly smart
  • wondible for his creation of the AI Showdown tool
  • mikeyh for writing the Javascript for loading Queller’s personalities
  • alpha2546 for extensively playtesting Queller during Legion development
  • Everyone who has helped with translations:
    • K-Orthic | Gamax
    • gmase
    • PRoeleert
    • R.O.S.S
    • DeathByDenim
    • River
    • Felix Köhler
    • tunsel
    • omylist
    • IPWIW
    • Fred
    • CmdrEdem
    • something more than human
    • Linus Petersson
    • Spassky
    • Craeox
    • sevmek
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