Planetary Annihilation Just Got BIGGER

The galactic war between ancient robot factions kicks into high gear with 21 new game-changing combat units, including five IMMENSE Titan-class units! Conquer new worlds and craft new strategies to take advantage of all-new multi-level terrains! Lead thousands of units in interplanetary campaigns across land, sea, air, and space! Destroy entire planets in your quest to dominate the galaxy!

90% off for classic PA owners

Game Features


ENTER THE TITANS! Dominate the battlefield with five mind-numbingly huge Titans!


NEW WAYS TO ANNIHILATE! Choose from over a hundred unique combatants, including 21 all-new units!


TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL! New planets with multi-level terrain make conquering the galaxy more exciting than ever!


FIGHT YOUR WAY TO THE TOP! Compete with friends in Ranked 1v1, Custom Lobbies, and new Bounty Mode, or play single player with enhanced Galactic War!


SMASH PLANETS! Annihilate whole planets with devastating super-weapons!

Latest News

TITANS 1v1 Ranked Mid-Season 3 Winners and Updates 113410 / 113426 / 113430

One of the eternal struggles is the balance between basic (T1) and advanced (T2) units. It has become clear recently that this is still weighed too heavily in favour of T2, primarily because of the explosive nature of T2 MEXs. To combat that we’ve made T2 MEXs more expensive and reduced their income.

PAnet and TITANS 1v1 Ranked Season 3

PAnet (Planetary Annihilation Network) is our replacement for UberNet and provides all the backend infrastructure for managing game servers and player accounts. It has faster servers for better sim speed, more regions for lower latency, and higher capacity servers.

Translations, AI and Modern Updates 113132 / 113044 / 113034

With the successful launch of 1v1 ranked season 2 with new leaderboards it’s back to toiling away in the update mines….

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90% off for classic PA owners