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Created by the Progenitors in the dying days of the Pro-Com war, the Legion represented humanity’s last ditch effort to defeat the base game Machine Liberation Army (MLA) faction. It failed. When the superweapon was unleashed which disabled the MLA the Legion were not spared. Millennia later they have awoken and seek to win the unwinnable war for which they were created, in memory of their creators.

A labour of love put together over the course of many years, the Legion Expansion introduces over a hundred new units to form an entirely new faction equal in size and scope of the base game. You can use it in multiplayer, or play against the AI in skirmish.

Legion units lack the mobility and numbers of the base game MLA faction, instead their focus is on raw power. While the enemy are many, the Legion units armour is strong and their guns powerful. They do not focus on early raiding or rapid expansion, rather they prepare themselves to strike a single mighty blow that both begins and ends the battle.


Legion Expansion is installed from the Community Mods recommended tab in-game. AI support is included within the mod for skirmish play, but for enhanced AI try installing the Queller AI mod.

Hosting and Joining Games

To host Legion games ensure the Legion Expansion mod is enabled in Community Mods.

Each time you host a multiplayer Legion Expansion game, PA will upload the server mod to the server so please be patient. The speed at which this occurs depends on your upload bandwidth.

Legion games are shown in the games browser with a red Legion icon.

Community Mods will automatically install Legion Expansion if needed when players join a Legion game.

You can play as Legion by selecting a red Legion Commander in the new game lobby.

Legion Expansion Overview

Playing against the base game Machine Liberation Army (MLA) faction, you’ll often find yourself facing down never-ending swarms of units. Even with some of the most powerful units at your disposal, it can be easy to be overrun by the sheer number of enemy forces.

Each Legion unit has strengths and weaknesses. Experiment with new and different unit combinations to find powerful synergies where your units support each other and become a much deadlier force as a whole. Use every tool and ounce of cleverness at your disposal. Whether it’s scouting with hidden Investigators, jumping over obstacles with Purger boombots, forming strong points with Rampart shield generators, or surgically inserting your forces with flying Comet teleporters to do crippling damage.

A typical game against the base game MLA faction will flow something like this:

  • Early game: Defend against the base game MLA faction mobility advantage
  • Mid-game: Push out with advantage of strong units – defender attacker roles flipped
  • Late game: Advantages and disadvantages normalize as both factions develop to full capacity

Early Game

All that heavy armour and weapons means you’re not as mobile as the base game MLA faction, which means they will have an expansion advantage. Defend your expansions and stabilize your economy. Make use of the very cheap Jackal light laser turret to ward off small numbers of raiding units.

At the same time, you can still surprise the base game MLA faction players with a taste of their own medicine. The Marauder gunship is superb for picking off unguarded fabricators, the Stoke can clean up undefended metal extractors, and at sea the Catfish is great for scouting and exerting pressure.

During this phase you should focus on building up your troop numbers.


While still outnumbered, your units will be very strong when grouped together to concentrate their firepower against the enemy. With a focus on quality over quantity, you can start to push out and outright threaten the base game MLA faction forces with a quick defeat if they are unable to organize sufficient defense.

Late Game

Your forces should be supplemented with T2 troops now. Whether you pick T2 bots or vehicles will depend on the playstyle you enjoy – both have their strengths and weaknesses. If you have air dominance, consider roasting large groups of enemies with the Salamander heavy bomber.

Changes since recording – Wraith renamed to Spectre, Excalibur renamed to Paladin

Unit Database



The Xziphid war was won by the Commanders, intelligent machines created to carry out the bidding of the Progenitors. In the aftermath a number of them broke away, forming the MLA. They took the fight to their former masters and started the Pro-Com war.

Though powerful, the Progenitors could not defeat their own creations. During the peak of the war a new generation of Commander was created, programmed to be be utterly loyal and devoted to their masters and without mercy for the foe. The Legion was born. They had access to the greatest of the Progenitor’s creations, and so for a time the tide seemed to have turned.

But war is won by logistics, and the MLA had spread too far, harvested too much. The Legion fought well but despite many glorious victories in battle they were losing. It was at this point that the Progenitors unleashed their weapon of last resort: a superweapon designed to take out all of their machine creations. The Pro-Com war was over and for millennia the galaxy was quiet.

Then something disturbed the peace and the Legion awoke to find their creators gone, but the hated foe still present. So the Legion marches once more to war, in memory of the creators they still love dearly.


This project is not the work of one, but of a legion.

nicb1Project Lead / Models
CrembelsConcept Artist
KillerKiwiJuiceModels / Textures / Code / Effects
Alpha2546Effects / Balance
QuitchAI / Media
Stuart98Code / Strategic Icons
ElodeaBalance Lead / Effects / Media
AndreasGBalance Lead


Legion Expansion is dual licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and the MIT license for software portions containing JavaScript code.


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