Beast vs Beast Clash of the Egos NikolaMX vs AndreasG Best of 9

Hello Commanders,

We’re almost mid-way through Planetary Annihilation: TITANS 1v1 ranked season 7.

Over the past seasons many players have proven themselves to be among the best commanders out there, capable of adapting to the ever changing pool of maps. An even smaller number of commanders can lay claim to the title of Uber #1, the highest symbol of skill in the game. Holding this rank at the end of a season also comes with the reward of the prestigious Beast Commander.

Of those few who hold this title to their name, two have consistently shown they can stand out from even the highest echelons of commanders with the sheer size of their egos. Now it’s time to put them head-to-head to determine once and for all who really has the biggest pair of tusks!

On Saturday, June 6th, starting at 17:00 UTC, AndreasG and NikolaMX will compete in a best-of-9 series. The winner will take home US$1,000 while the loser departs in disgrace and audience catcalls.

They will NOT know the map list in advance. The maps may be from the 1v1 ranked pool, or they may be confronted with brand new maps. We’ve allowed them to submit one map each to try to exploit their opponent’s weaknesses.

This titanic grudge match permits no excuses for defeat other than distinct and tangible inferiority. The defeated will be, officially, a loser.

Join us over at WPMarshall’s Twitch where this event will be cast live for your pleasure. It’s going to be quite a spectacular tussle between these 2 players where we will determine who is truly deserving of the Beast Commander.

When: 2020-06-06 Saturday 17:00 UTC


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