AbleGamers 2020 Pay To Win Charity Community Tournament

Welcome to the most shamelessly pay-to-win tournament in your gaming calendar!

The Planetary Annihilation community proudly returns to host our sixth annual AbleGamers tournament in support of our favorite AbleGamers charity.

Sixteen veterans of this uniquely cataclysmic real-time strategy game will skirmish in a series of chaotic free-for-all battles. They will need to use all the wit, skill and diplomacy they have available to them as they try to claw victory from this frantic scrum. However, there is a twist:


You, the spectators, have the ability to donate units to the player of your choice, LIVE, as you watch the battle unfold. Give an underdog a second chance, drop a Titan in the middle of a rampaging horde, or just throw down a load of nuclear missiles to watch the world burn… literally.

Our unique donation system gives you unprecedented control over the battlefield. We price up a selection of in-game units, allowing you to specify what you want to buy, how many of them, who you’re buying them for, and where you want them. Every single cent donated goes directly to the wonderful AbleGamers Charity. If you’re not able to be there on the night you will be able to make donations in advance!


Join us for an evening of fun, philanthropy and frivolity over at at 6pm UK time (18:00 UTC) on Saturday March 14th, hosted by PA casting veterans WPMarshall and TheWrongCat. Save the date in your phones, calendars, diaries, or whatever you use to organise your lives – do not miss your chance to participate in this awesome event.

Want to play? We are hosting a qualifying event one week prior on Saturday March 7th. Sign up here!

Be sure to join the Planetary Annihilation Discord for all the latest!




WHERE TO DONATE (donations are now closed).

Game A (red)


The base is on fire, the Commander is almost dead, but he’s still fiddling with a bomber somewhere to get the perfect bombing run. Will need you to build an economy for him because he’s not going to have the time, not with that bomber to fiddle with.


No, not a weasel, he’s the cute not-a-weasel-but-really-similar-and-who-knows-the-difference-anyway one. But he’s not just one ferret, he is the lord of ferrets. Help him unleash cute, furry hordes upon his enemies with a donation of Booms. Tens of Booms. Maybe one hundred.


The sheep amongst the wolves. They proved themself the strongest sheep, but will that help them? No. The answer is no. Send them the aid they need quickly before they get stomped in the first five minutes.


A FFA is won by the individual who looks least threatening, and no one looks less threatening than this. Throw some units his way to get him the attention he doesn’t want.

Game B (blue)


He listens to classical music, evidencing a level of sophistication beyond your apish ways. Allow just a little of that class to rub off on you through a donation, and see him time the destruction to Mars the Bringer of War.


Described by friends as “frequently seen playing the game”. That’s the best you got? Terrible friends. Kickstart this woman’s self-esteem with a Catalyst and make her the destroyer of worlds.


He has sin in his name, so that’s how you know he’s a bad boy. Or someone who misspelt Sinnocence. Look, what do you want from me? It’s for a charity for God’s sake, donate the man some units!


Let him teach you the ways of PA, how to expand, how to produce, how to raid. Want to learn more? Donate the unit you wish to see demonstrated and let him show the way of the true PA master. Or learn from his mistakes.

Game C (yellow)


Map connoisseur. May not have time to build anything due to typing into chat all the problems he has with the map design. Send units to help him demonstrate those problems.


Don’t let the terrible name fool you, this man knows his Planetary Annihilation. Rarely found playing under his own name, donate to honour him finally revealing himself for once. If he plays as blue though you should donate to his opponents to show what you think of a reference that lame.


Strapping on his big boy pants, he’s newly qualified to the PA’s top division: uber. The light of hope shines in his eyes, and the power of friendship runs through his veins. But better to have the power of a Thor for annihilating his enemies paid for and delivered to his door.


Embarrassing the young players of PA with her stories of “when I was uber rank”, she needs all the help she can get. Failing to make it through the first round last year despite massive donations, the challenge is on to find exactly how much money is needed to overcome her skill at claiming defeat.

Game D (green)


Nik is of clan Nik. Naming a clan after himself should tell you everything you need to know about the confidence levels in play. Whatever you give, he will show you how to BM an opponent with it and still claim victory.


Every time Nik loses a game he has a new excuse. Lag? Check. Spilled drink? Check. Misclick? Check. Trash panda attack? Check. Donate to France’s #1 player, defeat Nik, and discover new excuses together.


So bad at the game he wrote a balance mod specifically to ensure his dominance in some arena. Probably doesn’t know what half the units even do anymore. Send nukes, because he might just remember how to use the attack command still.


They said you couldn’t turtle in PA. He proved them wrong and dominated the ladder, leaving opponents feeling guilty, sad and depressed. Donating to him is trolling the enemy, and you wouldn’t want to troll, would you?


  • Anonemous2
  • NimzoDragonLord
  • MattShadowing
  • NikolaMX

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