Planetary Annihilation Vocabulary


Here’s what you need to know when playing Planetary Annihilation:

PAPlanetary Annihilation
PA:TPlanetary Annihilation: TITANS
MLAMachine Liberation Army (Legion name for base game faction)
LegionLegion Expansion – Community Faction Mod
CMMCommunity Mods Manager
PAMMObsolete PA Mod Manager
palobbyGames Browser
Unit Database (TITANS, Legion and Classic PA)
TITANS 1v1 Ranked Leaderboards
Dedicated Server Replays
ubercannon / d-gunCommander manual alt-fire of a short range, high damage, high energy weapon as a last line of defence
com snipeUnexpected death of a poorly protected / out of position / weakened Commander often using micro and focus fire from Booms, Bumblebees, Kestrels,, Titans, Holkins, nukes, SXX, etc.
death by icarus / death by a thousand cutsEmbarrassing com snipe using only Icarus (bonus points for using over a thousand)
com boxingCommander vs Commander close quarter battles
com pushUsing your Commander on the front lines to attack
boom bot pushUsing the speed of boom bots to push another unit faster than its normal speed (often used with a Manhattan or Commander)
fabberFabricator or builder
fabber snipeTargeting unprotected or poorly protected fabbers typically using bumblebee bombers, icarus solar drones, pelican drops or raids early game
T1Tier 1 basic units
T2Tier 2 advanced units
pgenPower Generator
mexMetal Extractor
treecoTree economy where trees are reclaimed for metal
build orderOpening build queues for commander and initial fabbers based on starting location, map type, game type and initial strategy that ideally minimises walking distance and maximises output without floating, stalling or crashing eco which are adjusted based on initial scouting of the enemy
floatingWhen resources (energy or metal or both) exceed demand resulting in wasted or unused resources (blue eco bar). Always use your float to expand and build more units
stalling / crashingWhen demand exceeds available resources (energy or metal or both) slowing production to less than 100% efficiency (red eco bar). When stalling energy, units requiring energy to operate like radars and teleporters may stop working
macroBig picture management of your build, economy, vision, placement, map control, unit composition, lines of attack, etc
scoutingConstantly maintaining awareness of your enemies base(s), forces and unit composition through vision and radar
expanding / expansionExpanding to claim all metal spots then defending your expansion against enemy raids or attacks to establish map control
proxyMini base with factories outside of main base typically around a metal expansion, lane, lake or area.
pressureUsing constant raiding, expansion, proxies, area denial, map control, multiple lines of attack and other tactics to dominate your opponent leaving them feeling constantly under pressure, reactive and overwhelmed.
area denialPreventing enemy units from occupying or navigating an area
kill zoneArea covered by direct fire used to ambush, trap or completely destroy enemy units that enter the zone (often using terrain to funnel units into single file or narrow spaces through a choke point)
microMicro managing individual units, platoons or groups
stop microStopping units to focus fire or rapidly change direction eg Bomber stop micro
focus fireExplicitly targeting an attack on a single unit or Commander
wiggle / danceMoving units side to side or in circles to avoid enemy fire eg Dox vs Bumblebees (bombers)
kitingMoving your units (typically backwards) to keep enemy units at range or to pull them into a kill zone
flankingMoving your units around enemy units (or structures / terrain) to attack from a stronger position
meat shieldUsing cheaper / faster / disposable units to absorb enemy fire
pelican dropTransporting sparks, inferno flame tanks or vanguards into an enemy main base or proxy
manhattan dropTeleporting a Manhattan using a Helios directly into a base (usually on top of a Commander)
planet bounceBouncing orbital of a nearby planet to drop directly over a location on the same planet
nuke farmMultiple Nuclear Missile Launchers building Nuclear Missiles typically assisted by T2 advanced fabbers in preparation for a nuke stack or carpet nuke
nuke stackTargeting multiple nukes simultaneously on the same location to overwhelm anti-nukes, open a beachhead or double tap snipe a Commander
double tapTwo nuke stack snipe of a Commander without anti-nuke protection
carpet nukeArea targeting multiple nukes simultaneously over a large area due to poor scouting, lack of vision or just because you can (bonus points for 50+)
APMActions per Minute (not that important in PA)
APSActions per Second and Ammo per Second (rate of fire)
CSGConstructive Solid Geometry building blocks used to create advanced maps in the system editor (additive and subtractive 3D boolean operations on brushes)
FFAFree for All game mode with one player per army
team armiesTeam game mode with one or more players per team
unshared team armiesEach player controls their own army with a static alliance between the armies in each team
shared team armiesEach team is a single shared army where any player in the team can control any unit in the team (including another players commander)
sudden deathOption for teams armies where a team is eliminated if any commander in the team is killed (protect your weakest player)
world simulationLocal server games
cheeseUsually a reference to Qzipco 😉

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