Hotfix 86765

Fix for crash when loading a save or resuming a game where an entity spawned and died on the same tick.
Galactic War Titan cards will now properly interact with the orbital and air titan, and will not show up in Classic PA
Fix for a crash in closestPointPlane
Fix for a crash caused by units trying to initialize a celestial move task after their planet has been blown up but before the unit has been destroyed.
When launching PA Classic on Steam when you own TITANS, the Quit & Install / Quit & Launch buttons on the popup now initiate the install or launch for you.
Fix for AI crash on shutdown in the interplanetary request system
Fix for a crash in BuildTask
Fix for a crash when loading a save with a unit with a celestial body and no order.
Fix for a crash when SimWeapon is verifying index in one place and not in another
Make main.css rules a little more specific
Fix some cursors on certain Linux drivers
Updated Classic land neural net data.
Sim units no longer kill the server if spawned with an invalid spec id.
Shut down empty load_save servers.
Set +x bit on published Linux files that need it. Fixes the Linux download not working out of the box
Fix default parameters to panel.move.
Fix for boolean inversion in the build task when creating the unit.
Added a ‘no-gpu’ option to the panel api. This allows us to reduce the number of processes and interacting with the gpu. Enabling software-ui has been know to solve certain ui crashes, and this offers a more balanced solution.
Titans should no longer teleport
Titans land neural net update
Titans air neural net update
Never automatically set particle data format as PositionWithAlpha. The format is almost never used, and when it is it’s usually by mistake and causes something to break.
Events for enemy units will no longer be treated as your events. This bug was most noticeable with the idle fabber/factory widget
Solar Drone (Icarus)
-Underwater Vision decreased to 50 from 500
Nuke Tank (Manhattan)
-Armor Damage Orbital increased to 0.33 from 0.0
-Armor Damage Commander set to 0.33
Drone Carrier (Typhoon)
-Ammo Demand decreased to 15 from 30
Missile Drone (Squall)
-Metal Cost increased to 90 from 30 (Only will affect repair speed)
-Health Regen decreased to -3 from -1
-Acceleration decreased to 80 from 90
-Move Speed decreased to 80 from 90
-Turn Speed decreased to 240 from 270

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