Work In Progress

This is a preview of work in progress for the next major update to PA.

Technical Notes

TITANS Balance Changes

  • TODO: reclaim metal value based on metal cost (vs max health)

Client Improvements

  • Added first pass of terrain horizon occlusion for icons, status, blips and features
  • Added first pass of visible wreckage reclaim progress
  • Added connect timeouts to download manager and initial support for full offline / disconnected mode

System Editor Improvements

  • Data editor for terrain height adjustments

Client Fixes

  • TBD

System Editor Fixes

  • TBD

Server / Sim Improvements

  • TODO: reclaim wreckage value based on metal build cost
  • TODO: update height of reclaimed wreckage

Server / Sim Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect initial and dead reclaim values

AI Improvements

  • Added easy difficulty for AI skirmish
  • TODO: AI retraining with air changes

AI Fixes

  • Fixed undefined behaviour with fighter and bomber attack tasks

Galactic War Improvements

  • Added normal difficulty


Updated software development toolchain:

  • C++17
  • Visual Studio 2019 latest with 142 build tools / Windows 10 SDK latest
  • Xcode 11 / macOS 10.15.x latest for macOS Mavericks 10.9+ with full notarisation using hardened runtime
  • Latest steam Linux runtime with gcc-9 / LTO (previously limited to gcc 6.2 and no LTO)
  • Steamworks SDK 148
  • Windows libcurl 7.68.0 with nghttp2 1.40.0 for HTTP/2 and multiplexing (will upgrade to 7.70.0 soon)
  • breakpad latest
  • libpng 1.6.37 with SSE
  • libsquish 1.15 with SSE
  • stb_image 2.25
  • stb_truetype 1.24
  • lz4 1.9.2
  • miniz 2.1
  • zlib 1.2.11
  • sdl 2.0.10 (will upgrade to 2.0.12 soon)


  • Added wreckage_mesh_bounds for visible wreckage reclaim (defaults to mesh bounds)
  • Added icon_vertical_offset for terrain horizon occlusion (defaults to top of mesh bounds)

Breaking Changes

  • strategic icons for metal extractors now include green metal spot
  • particle_icon.fs
  • custom URL protocols will be changing:
    • atlas:// > coui://atlas/
    • spec:// > coui://spec/
    • bundle:// > coui://bundle/
    • uncached:// > coui://uncached/

Known Issues

  • TODO: Fix Linux segfault in CoherentUI_Host
  • TODO: Fix Linux mesa corruption
  • TODO: Fix reclaim server crash
  • TODO: Reproduce line formation client crash
  • TODO: Reproduce load game crash
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